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Monday, June 06, 2016

World War II Weekend

I wish I had the words to adequately convey how wonderful the past weekend was with Robby. We went to the World War II weekend and my little history buff couldn't have been happier. Surrounded by vintage trucks, jeeps, planes and uniformed reenactors, he was truly in his element.

We spent two solid days touring the various encampments, talking with the soldiers and watching the skirmishes and "epic" plane battles. Robby asked questions and surprised many by his knowledge about the battles and the armory used. I honestly had no idea that he knew so many details about WWII!

Robby was smiling from ear to ear throughout the weekend. Although touring military armor isn't my ideal activity, Robby's joy was contagious. I think that this weekend ranks among one of the best of my life, not necessarily because of the activity but because of my touring buddy. He was genuinely happy and excited, and I loved being part of his enthusiasm and witnessing his joy.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the weekend was stopping by the National Cemetery on our way home. Robby wanted to tell Pop (my Grandfather) all about the adventure.  Although they never met, Robby feels a kinship because they share a name and a love of vintage aviation. Without prompting, and not knowing that I was taking a photo, Robby held his new helmet of his heart as he spoke to Pop.

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