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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Boot Camp Update

Today marks day 12 of my Boot Camp endeavor and, while I can't say that I enjoy the classes, I am surviving. The first week was rough. Every muscle in my body hurt and actively reminded me of my lack of fitness and strength. It would have been easy for me to quit, but I've kept plugging away. Now my painfully sore muscles have become only moderately ouchy and tight. I am going to call that progress!

The instructor is nice and obviously skilled in her craft, but she doesn't always provide direction for the exercises. She basically calls out an exercise name and the class begins the movements. I find myself watching the person next to me and attempt to mimic them. I have no idea if my form is correct, but since the instructor doesn't say anything and I'm sweating, I assume that I am close enough.

I am willing to push myself to muscle soreness, but I am not willing to physically hurt myself in my quest for strength. Some exercises I refuse to complete because of my difficulties with my prosthesis. In my opinion, putting my feet into bungee cords suspended from the ceiling invites injury. When the rest of the class is struggling with the straps, I fill the void with jumping jacks or squats.

I feel a little awkward and guilty not following along with everybody else. Part of me knows that I should probably try the straps without assuming that it would be painful or dangerous. Without direct instruction, I just don't feel safe or comfortable trying. Most exercises I will try to figure out on my own, but I am not limber or skilled enough to fumble through those where I am elevated off the ground.

I suppose my avoidance could be construed as my using my "amputee card" to get out of the undesirable activity. I am mildly ashamed, but I am still not going to try the straps. I guess instead of giving Boot Camp my all, I need to be honest and admit that I am giving it a lot.

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