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Monday, July 11, 2016

Night at the Museum (with Daddy)

Saturday night Scott and Robby embarked on what has been described as an "epic and awesome adventure." I had secured tickets for the pair to spend the night inside the Air and Space Museum. Scott immediately put dibs on the experience when I showed him the tickets, claiming that it would be the perfect father-son activity. While part of me was bummed not to be going, I knew that he was right and that they would have a wonderful time together. I resigned myself to the sidelines and thoroughly enjoyed watching their excitement build through the preparations for their big museum adventure. 

By the time they were ready to leave Robby was giddy with excitement. He kept pacing around, staring at the clock while peppering me with questions about the itinerary. I decided that one final surprise was in order before they left and gave them a battery operated air mattress. Scott, not looking forward to camping out on the marble floors of the museum, was definitely more appreciative of the gesture.

Scott kept me apprised of their adventure via text messages and photos. From the smiles radiating through the camera, I could tell that they were having a great time. Robby called once, giggling and talking a mile a minute. He could barely keep his composure when he learned that he was going to be sleeping next to the Space Shuttle Discovery. "Really Momom, do you know how cool that is? This shuttle flew into space and now I'm going to be sleeping next to it. I mean, this is incredible!" 

 While Robby and Scott were camping out in the museum I must admit that I enjoyed a night of quasi-solitude. Once Timmy fell asleep I found myself in the unusual situation of being in an empty house. I was able to watch a movie, uninterrupted, on the "good" television. Needless to say, it is safe to say that every member of the family went to bed with a smile on their face. 

Fueling up for the big adventure!

He was able to sleep under the Shuttle!

He now has his very own space gloves.

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