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Monday, August 01, 2016

Surprise Vacation!

I wasn't confident that we would be able to do it, but somehow we managed to keep our beach vacation a surprise. Robby has been asking to visit the ocean for a few years, and the stars have finally aligned to make that wish a reality. He has absolutely no idea that today we're headed for the beach.

Saturday night Scott took Robby out shopping so that I could pack our bags. Last night I sneaked out and put everything into the car while he was sleeping. This morning we're going to head to IHOP for breakfast (because I have free pancakes for a year) and then we will continue driving until we reach our hotel. I'm not sure when Robby will figure out our destination, but I can hardly wait to witness his reaction!

I know that the boys will thoroughly enjoy their time in the sand, but I have to admit that it isn't my favorite place. Since my amputation I have become more of a mountain girl. Walking on the sand is labor intensive and exhausting. Between navigating the soft terrain and dealing with sand stuck in all of my prosthetic components, the joys of the beach have been all but eradicated. Despite the difficulties and frustrations that ensue when visiting the beach with a prosthesis, I am looking forward to the next few days because I know that my boys will be having fun and will be happy.

While I'm not looking forward to walking on the sand, I am excited about visiting the boardwalk.  I have such strong childhood memories of the scents and scenes of the boardwalk at dusk.  Each summer we would visit and stroll through the shops and among the crowds. The smells, lights and sounds are firmly etched in my mind and I remember them as clearly as if I was walking there last night.

I can't wait to share these experiences with my boys (including Scott who has never been to a proper boardwalk.) There is something magical about summer evenings on the boardwalk. I have no doubt that they will be awestruck by the experience.  The next few days should be a blast- even if the beach is involved.

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  1. Just get a can of compressed air for the computer and use it to blow the sand out of components. It works good. The walking, well, I feel for you, but remember, it helps with boot camp.. It's a good workout.