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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Food Allergies Again

I have come to appreciate the stresses and the frustrations of those impacted by food allergies. Although mild by comparison, Timmy's allergy to apples and cinnamon becomes difficult to navigate during the autumn months. When everything is either apple flavored or cinnamon scented, simply shopping feels like I am walking through a minefield of potential poison.

Even though we have been relatively successful keeping him from his known allergens, the past two
days have proven that the struggle is not over. Still to be determined, his reaction to the unknown allergen has been strong and swift. Yesterday I watched helplessly as my sweet little Hamlet became covered with large, hot hives. From the tip of his toes to the top of his head, no area was left unaffected by the reaction.

I whisked him to the doctor and he was treated for his reaction. Unfortunately we cannot test for new allergies until the antihistamines are out of his system for several days. In the meantime, I need to keep him as food safe as possible.

This is a horrible time for me to be leaving town, but I am committed to traveling to Boston today and cancelling is not a viable option. I am grateful that my Mom is coming down to take care of Timmy. I feel considerably more comfortable knowing that he won't be in an unfamiliar environment with uncontrollable variables. Between my Mom during the day and Scott at night, I know that Timmy will be safe and happy.

I know that Timmy is in competent and loving hands, but that doesn't make it easier to leave. The reaction he experienced today was alarming and terrifying. I really hate food allergies!

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