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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Snowball Redecorating

Our three day weekend was unexpectedly busy and productive.  While I hadn't planned on working around the house, the stars aligned and we worked furiously redoing both Robby's bedroom, our bedroom and the main family room. We didn't start out with ambitions of redecorating all three rooms, but a snowball effect occurred as we shuffled furniture from one room into another. Before I knew it, we were up to our knees in clutter and chaos on Sunday leaving us with no options but to buckle down and finish.

Our mini house makeover began with my spotting Robby's coveted bunk bed frame on a Facebook yard sale site. Knowing that it was exactly what he wanted, and realizing that we needed to act quickly, I contacted the seller and made arrangements to pick up the beds. Before anybody had time to think,a Scott and Robby were headed over to borrow Mr. Bill's truck to pick up the yard sale acquisition. 

While the pair were picking up the new beds, I set out to dismantle the race car bed. It is now safely stowed in our garage where it will be rescued and reassembled in a year or two for Timmy. With the race car bed moved out of the room, I made the executive decision that the couch which has been in Robby's room needed to be relocated to the living room. It is in much better shape than the run down piece of furniture that we have been using, and clearing it out of his bedroom would open up the space even more.

Unfortunately, in order to make it fit into the living room I needed to dismantle and move our five piece sectional sofa. I should have waited for Scott to come home, but I was feeling both strong and stubborn (which is a dangerous combination) and decided that I could do it by myself. Balancing the pull-out sofa portion on my shoulder as I tried to guide it down the stairs I realized that I had underestimated the weight of the couch while overestimating my strength.  I began to regret my moving enthusiasm.  Somehow I managed to guide it down the stairs unscathed. 

By the time the boys returned with the bunk bed, I had single-handedly moved and set up four of the five sofa sections downstairs. After helping me with the final piece, we moved onto the next project. It took all of us over an hour to sort through and clean up the obscene amount of toys, dust, old food, dirt, socks, pens, coins and assorted junk that had accumulated under the monstrosity of a couch. Timmy was delighted spending the remainder of the afternoon playing with the large box of toy cars that were rescued during the clean up. 

With the area cleaned, Scott and I moved the couch from Robby's room into the living room.  We immediately realized that the room needed more seating options than a small couch, so we decided to move the couch that was in our bedroom playroom into the living room.  Of course now the living room furniture doesn't match, but we now have ample seating on comfortable couches while clearing up more room for the kids to play.  I am delighted with the look of our newly restructured family room!

After sorting through the various treasures that were lodged under the bedroom couches, we were finally ready to assemble the bunk beds.  After five hours, four trips to Lowes and a house call from Mr. Bill, the beds were finally assembled and ready for Robby.  Of course, because we hadn't planned on putting up bunk beds on Sunday, we didn't have a full sized mattress for the lower bunk. I quickly opened up one of the sofa beds in the living room and relocated the mattress to the bunk bed. It isn't the most comfortable, but it works for now. 

Yesterday we spent the afternoon tidying up from our Sunday projects. It took several more hours to get everything situated and comfortable, but now we have three completely functional, uncluttered and newly reorganized rooms.  At some point I will need to tackle the mess that has accumulated downstairs because of our efforts, but right now I just don't have the energy.  In the meantime, I am just going to bask in the uncluttered happiness of our rooms.

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