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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hot Hamlet

I knew that my little Timmy was sick as soon as I lifted him out of his crib yesterday morning. He was hot to touch and shivering while he was covered in sweat. Scott and I immediately decided that we were going to call the doctor as soon as the office opened. My poor little Hamlet has been through the medical ringer lately, and the high fever was extremely worrisome.

It was determined a few days ago that his hives are caused by an over reactive immune response. In order to treat the most recent outbreak which reared its spotted head while we were at Jellystone over the weekend, he was prescribed a high dose steroid treatment.  We were cautioned to keep him quasi-secluded during the treatment because his immune system will be compromised.  His being on immunosuppressant medication coupled with a high fever, I was frantic with worry. 

The doctor agreed to see him, but I was cautioned that we were going to have to wait because she was booked solid. I packed my sweaty, weak little boy into his car seat and headed to the office. I was fully prepared to sit there all day. During the triage intake it was discovered that his O2 stats were low. After verifying the result with three separate machines, Timmy's visit was fast tracked to the doctor.  We were seen within minutes of his intake.

It turns out that my little guy has pneumonia in both lungs and strep throat. (He never does do anything halfway!) It is hard seeing him so sick, and while we are still worried, it is comforting to have a diagnosis and treatment plan. Hopefully his fever will break soon and my happy little Hamlet will return.  In the meantime, today will be filled with coaxing him to drink water while snuggling in front of the television to watch endless episodes of Zack and Quack.

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