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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Prosthetic Parity

I am a creature of habit, especially in the morning. Each morning I make a cup of coffee, sit down on my loveseat and log onto my computer to check my email. I have come to enjoy my morning email fetch, primarily because I never know what to expect.  While most of the time my inbox is filled with advertisements and assorted cyber junk, on occasion I open a message which turns into a wonderful opportunity or adventure. Yesterday morning I opened one of these messages.

It turns out that the website The Mighty had decided to publish an article I wrote explaining the obstacles faced by the limb loss community because of insurance limitations. I was delighted for the opportunity to educate the general public about issues surrounding prosthetic parity. Because of the blatant absurdity of tenants such as "one limb per lifetime," I truly believe that change is within reach. But in order to force our elected officials to act on Federal Parity legislation, we need to rally not only the limb loss community but also our able-bodied peers. By embracing and creating opportunities to talk about insurance fairness, and through sharing real-life stories of individuals whose potential is limited by their insurance more than their limb loss, we will continue to make inroads towards effecting change.

Please read the article I authored, and take the opportunity on the website to click the heart button. I know that "hearts" and "shares" are actively tracked when evaluating the success of a topic on the website. I want to send a clear and strong message that ProstheticParity is an issue that deserves attention.

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