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Monday, September 26, 2016

Jellystone Fun!

This past weekend we packed up the cars, picked up Robby from school and began to drive south.  Nearly three hours later we arrived at Jellystone Natural Bridge for a weekend getaway. With a cabin directly adjacent to the fishing pond and an activity list heavy with Halloween festivities (including trick-or-treating), I knew that everybody was going to have a blast.  Because of the unseasonably warm weather, we were delighted to discover that the pools and splash zone were still open. Robby and Timmy could hardly wait to get changed into their swimming gear when we arrived. 

Timmy, entranced by the splash zone, never made it to the pool. He was content running through the water fixtures and sliding down the pint sized water slide.  Robby opted to split his time between the regular pool, the corkscrew water slides and the splash zone. The weather was perfect allowing us to thoroughly enjoy our time. 

Our weekend would have been perfect had it not been for an unexpected case of Timmy hives. He woke up on Saturday with a few pin prick spots on his cheeks.  As the day progressed, the spots spread and deepened in both size and color.  By the end of the day he was almost completely covered and, although he didn't seem bothered by the outbreak, other parents were starting to pull their children away from him. It broke my heart, but yet I understood the instinct to protect your own child. 

Despite the hives and the worry that both Scott and I felt, the boys were able to participate in most of the campground activities.  Timmy decorated a pumpkin while Robby tackled painting a ceramic shark.  We made a tie-dye shirt and entered the costume contest.  In the evening I opted to keep Timmy cool and quiet in the cabin while Robby and Scott went trick-or-treating around the campground.  The pair dropped off a full bucket of candy before heading to the "Monster Mash Dance Party." 

Sitting in the cabin with my little hive-covered Timmy sleeping, my mind began to worry. In the midst of a growing panic attack, Scott sent me a video of Robby dancing. Immediately I was transported from my woeful "I wonder if" mentality to the present, which made me smile.  My little Koopa has, unfortunately, inherited my dancing abilities. He has also inherited my enthusiasm. I'm not sure where he developed his confidence, but it was fully on display during the dance. 

Sunday we woke up to discover Timmy's hives were improving. We went to breakfast and headed to the playground.  Timmy took a detour and ran straight into the splash zone.  He apparently missed the memo that the temperatures had drastically cooled overnight. He seemed perfectly content splashing in the cool air first thing in the morning. I just love watching him play!  Despite the hives, he is a happy little boy.  

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