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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Bugging Out

Despite my intense frustrations, our house extermination has been pushed back. When I learned that we will be living with the little buggers for another few days, I wanted to cry. The bearer of bad news offered little concern for our plight and simply told me to "try to ignore the fact that you are living with bugs." Seriously? How am I supposed to just pretend that everything is normal when I'm living out of giant zip lock bags, dealing with painful bites and welts all the while knowing that the little critters are waiting in line to chomp at the all-you-can-suck blood buffet.

Of course, the Prednisone isn't helping my mood. I find myself snapping a lot more and demonstrating considerably less patience than my norm.  Yesterday I had to walk away from my computer several times to stop myself from sending a snarky email. It's not that I'm feeling confrontational.  I just think that my threshold for playing games is lower than usual.

The delay in extermination means that Robby is home another day from school.  (I can't send him to school if we suspect that we are infested with bed bugs.) We also have been cautioned against staying in a hotel to escape our infestation because we will only spread the problem to other people. So, we're stuck in the house until our exterminators get us back on schedule for baking the little buggers out of our lives for good.  In the meantime, I'm going to take a deep breath, eat a cupcake and try to remember that soon this will all be a memory. 

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