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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Customer Service Success

Although we all had a great time on our mini weekend getaway, I knew that the experience had been tempered because of the limited number of pools available at the water park. He never complained, but I could tell that Robby was disappointed that he couldn't scale the aquatic obstacle course and splash in the wave pools, both experiences that he had been eagerly anticipating since researching the resort on the internet.  Sunday night I sent a quick email to Great Wolf Lodge, conveying our disappointment that the two main pools were closed during our stay. I was expecting a canned response and certainly was not anticipating what happened yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon the manager from the resort called me and offered an apology for the closed pools. While I knew that she was not personally at fault, it was refreshing to have a company respond to feedback and concerns.  I was flabbergasted when she invited our family back to the resort as their guests so that we can have the full experience.  My reasons for reaching out to them were not to obtain anything for free, but merely to convey our disappointment and concerns that both main pools were closed simultaneously. 

It is awesome when a company actually honors its customers. In these days of endless telephone trees and robotic messages, proper customer service has become a rarity that sets a company apart from all others. I appreciate the time that the manager of Great Wolf Lodge took in reaching out and talking with me, and I am excited to accept her offer of another stay. It was certainly not expected, but the gesture is very much appreciated.

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