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Monday, February 13, 2017

Howling Fun!

We had an awesome mini-getaway at Great Wolf Lodge.  While we did run into some frustrations (broken keys, pool closures etc.), we didn't let the inconveniences ruin our time. With the friend drama fresh in everybody's mind, Scott and I were highly cognizant of splitting our attention between Robby and Timmy so that each child could enjoy the activities. Of course that meant that we didn't see each other often, but that was not the purpose of this vacation. This getaway was about having fun with the kids, and we succeeded in our mission.

Timmy loved the splash park and was content playing in the knee deep water. He slid a few times, but seemed particularly taken with the water squirters.  Scott took the lead with Timmy at the Water Park, leaving me to become slide buddy for Rob.  I used to love water slides, but these were fast and reminiscent of roller coasters.  I think I need to pack some Dramamine before our next excursion.

After splishing and splashing for a few hours we went back to our hotel room. Timmy fell sound asleep almost as soon as he was changed into his pajamas. After eating dinner Scott stayed in the room with sleeping Hamlet while Robby and I went off to conquer the Magical Quest.

The game was clever and engaging. We bought a magic wand, and of course we then had to pay for activation for the game (because a resort will always charge you as much as possible.) After we were wanded up, Robby and I began our magical quest. After one hour (and 7,000 steps) we were ready to fight the final boss: the dreaded red dragon.  It was a tight battle, but Robby came up victorious!  We headed to the arcade to celebrate his victory, apparently the celebratory method of all great magicians. 

Yesterday morning we woke up early (thanks to Timmy) and headed out to breakfast. After eating we went back to the pool, where we pretty much repeated everything from the day before. A few hours later we were drenched, exhausted and ready to head home. Timmy promptly fell asleep in the car, smiling in his sleep and awaking about 30 minutes from home. 

We managed to cram a lot of family memories into a 24 hour period. I think the drama of the friend rebuffs faded away as we were able to making spending time with his parents cool. Scott planned an awesome surprise adventure for us! 

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