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Friday, February 10, 2017

Great Wolf Drama

Scott and I have been together for 17 years and we have learned to predict each others movements and reactions. Every once in awhile though, he does something so out of his norm that it takes me off guard. Last weekend was one of those occasions.  For the first time since we met, Scott spontaneously planned an impromptu family getaway. I was flabbergasted when he emailed me the confirmation for Great Wolf Lodge.

I love taking mini family getaways, so much that the onus of planning and scheduling has always fallen on me. This is the first time that he has taken the lead, completely taking the family by surprise with his plans. Robby was delighted both with going to Great Wolf and the invitation to bring a friend along to enjoy the experience.  Without hesitation, he asked if he could bring his cousin. 

I called my sister and asked if his cousin could come with us. While she said yes, I knew that it was only one hurdle for the adventure. I needed to get permission from her father who has custody on the weekends. Negotiating time with the kids during the weekend is difficult, so I knew that it was an uphill battle.  Ever an optimist, I gave it my best shot.

Despite my pleas, we were summarily denied. I say we because his decision impacted not only me, but absolutely devastated Robby. I hate and resent how divorce drama infiltrates into our lives! 

After much discussion, Robby decided to extend the invitation to another friend. The original acceptance was rescinded last night, leaving us back to square one. I have an upset little Koopa who now thinks that he has no friends and that nobody likes him. I'm trying to explain that it is difficult to find somebody who is allowed to travel with another family overnight. Despite my logic, he is feeling deflated and lonely. I can't say that I blame him because I am finding myself feeling many of the same emotions.

Tomorrow we are headed to Great Wolf for the night, an adventure that was lovingly planned by Scott. I am going to do my best to make sure that the disappointments leading up to this adventure don't overshadow the fun. I'm sure that Scott and I will be able to divide our energies between Timmy and Robby so that both boys have a blast.  Wish us luck!

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