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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Forgotten Stares

Yesterday the weather was unseasonably warm. For the beginning of February, 70 degrees feels heavenly. Of course, my boys would prefer snow because they are longing for cancellations and delays. I'm sure that the winter will rear its head soon, but in the meantime I'm thoroughly enjoying the spring temperatures. 

The weather was so warm yesterday that I opted to forgo the jeans for a pair of capris. Timmy happily sprinted to the car when I invited him to go to the park. He was delighted with the opportunity to run around outside, to climb on the structures and slides, and to swing as long as he wished.  He was definitely a happy little guy!

Playing with him at the park, I slowly became aware of the reactions from our fellow park goers. At first I thought that they were looking surprised and stunned because Timmy is so incredibly adorable (yes, I realize that I am biased). When a child ran up to the slide, took one look at me and sprinted in the opposite direction I realized that my cute Hamlet was not garnering the attention. The culprit was me.

After wearing jeans for a few months, I have become accustomed to blending in with the public. I completely forgot that my leg was visible. The looks that I was receiving were because of my prosthesis. Once I figured out the cause, I opted to ignore the glances and continued to play with Timmy.

Over the past few months I had become temporarily normalized while wearing jeans. Yesterday, with the weather allowing me to tap into my spring wardrobe, I failed to prepare mentally for the prosthesis being visible. I was reminded that, unless I purposely conceal my prosthesis, I will always be the recipient of second glances, occasional snickers and gawking stares from strangers.

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