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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

I Know this is Good News- but it still makes me sad

Yesterday my anxiety tracker received a workout as it buzzed me every five minutes throughout the day. I knew that trying to keep my tension in check was going to be difficult considering the task at hand, and by the middle of the afternoon I just gave up trying. Timmy was being seen by pediatric immunologists at Children's Hospital for a follow-up. When absorbing important medical information about your child, anxiety is par for the course.

My little Hamlet was a trooper, getting poked and prodded with minimal complaints. It breaks my heart each time they stick him with a needle, and I have no doubt that the pain lingers with me longer than with him. Thankfully he is still soothed by a lollipop, a kiss on the cheek and a song. 

We have a diagnosis and I'm trying to look on the bright side. It could be much worse as we aren't dealing with a fatal or degenerative condition. I am grateful that we have a plan (even if I don't necessarily relish it), but I am saddened that one is necessary.

 Knowledge is power, but yesterday I was caught off guard. Today I'm going to formulate my questions, make a calendar and begin to move forward towards what I am calling Operation Rebuild Hamlet's Immune System (ORHIS).  Hopefully, as I do more research and become more comfortable with our new reality, my anxiety tracker will calm down.

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