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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pup Rescue

Although it started out mundane, yesterday morning quickly became action packed and is sure to be one I won't forget. On my way home from dropping off Robby at school I saw plumes of black smoke billowing so strongly that I knew the source was nearby. Intrigued and worried, I turned down the road to investigate. My heart stopped when I saw flames starting to whip out of the back windows of a house that was situated down a small hill from the edge of the cul-de-sac.

Shaking and with my heart racing, I nervously dialed 911. I stammered over the street name and was unsure of the house number, but I assured the dispatcher that the house would be easy to locate because it was gray and it was on fire. (Apparently I become a tinge of a smart ass when I am panicked.) As I was hanging up the call I noticed movement in the backyard of the house that was ablaze. I immediately knew that it was a dog.

Thankfully the flames, although still flickering out of the windows, were not encroaching on the yard. I managed to grab the cantankerous dachshund as the fire trucks began to arrive. A neighbor met me at the front of the house and agreed to hold onto the puppy until the owner arrived home. I gave her my phone number and name should it be necessary for insurance claims or an investigation before schlepping back up the hill to my car. Timmy was still playing with his little train in the backseat, completely unimpressed with the scene that just unfolded. 

It took awhile for my heart to calm down after returning home. Fires are scary and are not something you want to encounter! After the adventure of the morning, I was happy to spend the rest of the afternoon with my convalescing little Hamlet.

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  1. My mother lost two of her siblings in a house fire, and her father under the house trying to shore it up before collapse. I will for ever remember those scars that were two and three inches across on her back from the burning embers of the coal stove.
    As a former dachshund owner, and a critter owner now, thanks for saving the pup...