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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fun Play Day

Our midweek vacation has come to a close, and today everybody is returning to school. I know that both Robby and Scott are bummed that the snowfall wasn't enough to yield more than a two day respite. This winter has been a weather bust, but at least they had a little snow day magic.

Robby spent almost all day playing outside with his friend Rowan from down the street. We haven't seen her since September, but the snowy roads meant that her various extracurricular activities were canceled and she was able to play. Robby was over the moon when he saw her trudging down our driveway with sled in tow. Normally a multi-step process, he managed to throw on his winter gear in record time before running outside.  He finally came home at 5:30, frigid and famished.

I was delighted to watch him playing outside, laughing and having so much fun. Despite being busy with taekwondo, he has been lonely since his friend moved away last summer. While it turns out that his moving was actually a blessing, Robby has missed having somebody to buddy around with outside.  The pair get along well and have similar personalities. I'm certain the only reason that their friendship isn't stronger is because they lack the opportunity to get together.

Rowan excitedly told me that her schedule is easing up and that she will just be playing on one softball team this year. Most years she travels out west to stay with her grandmother, but this year she will be home during the summer. I'm hoping that she will be around so that Robby will have a friend to play with in the neighborhood again.

There is something special about having a friend live down the street. Being able to hop between houses and play all day through the neighborhood is something that Robby has been missing. He hasn't complained, yet I know that he has been lonely at times. As much as I try, I am a poor substitute for a neighborhood friend.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her predictions are true and that she will indeed be able to play more frequently. Personally, I think it would be beneficial for all involved.

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