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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow Day 2

Happy Snow Day #2.  Needless to say, all three boys are delighted with the prospect of another day at home. Okay, Timmy doesn't really understand but again he was more than willing to participate in the celebration when the schools announced the closings. 

Compared to the predictions, our "blizzard" definitely failed to fulfill expectations. Despite the lackluster showing, we did receive enough snow to thoroughly coat the ground and to provide hours of amusement for the boys. The roads are fine (according to Scott who fled the chaos three separate times to go to the store) but the school systems were not able to adequately clear the parking lots and walkways. So, we have another snow day to relax and enjoy the benefits of being a teacher (Scott) and a student (Robby). 

Timmy thoroughly enjoyed watching the snow, and was fascinated when we took him out to explore. He didn't want to go sledding, but was more than happy licking snowballs and watching his brother play. I think he may need a few more snowstorms under his belt before he fully understands sledding and all of the snow fun available. I'm sure by next year I won't be able to keep him inside!

After a quick tromp through the snow in the morning, I spent the majority of the afternoon baking. I love filling the house with the aromas of freshly baked bread and cookies when everybody is home because of snow. It just makes everything feel cozier and warm when treats are lining the counters. After the cookies cooled, Robby donned his snow garb and took off through the neighborhood, delivering cookies to Mr. Bill and his friend down the street. I think that they have become accustomed to my baking tradition because neither seemed surprised by the treat delivery. 

I'm sure that Robby will resume playing in the snow today. He needs to make the most of this snowfall, because it is going to be a long time before he has the opportunity again. I hope.

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