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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snow Day!

Snow day! 

After a winter yielding disappointing amounts of snow fun, the boys are finally enjoying their first snow day of the season. With both schools making the call to close schools early in the evening, everybody was able to get into the snow day spirit early. Timmy, unaware of the reason but wanting to be included, joined the fun by jumping up and down and squealing along with his brother and Daddy. I really wish I had captured a video of their little dance, but to be honest I was too busy participating. Sometimes you just have to stand up and dance with your family!
Yesterday, in anticipation of the snowfall, I readied all of the sleds. Mr. Bill helped me wax the rails on Robby's so that it glides easily down the hills. Timmy's brand new toddler sled was taken out of the basement and the bottom was treated to a quick wax. (We didn't want to make it too slick because I don't want my little daredevil to slide too quickly. We plan on him being pulled rather than sledding independently, so I wanted a little assistance.)
Right now the sun is starting to rise, and Timmy and I are the only ones awake. I'm sitting by the fireplace, sipping on a cup of coffee while he is peering out of the window loudly oohing and aahing of the odd white coating on everything. He even retrieved Puppy Blanket and his elephant so that they could have a look out the window. (It's absolutely adorable!)  I am certain he doesn't remember snow from last year but it probably won't take long before he wants to go outside to check it out. 
Typically March snowstorms are frustrating because we are tired of the snow routine. This year is different because it is the only snow we have seen this year. It isn't the biggest snow that we've encountered, but it is definitely a welcome event. I know that the boys are going to love playing in the fluffy cold wonderland.  It's a good thing I didn't put the hot chocolate machine away yet, I have a feeling it will be fired up at least a few times today.

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