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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Birthday Recap

Although I know he will not remember, we tried to make Timmy's birthday as special as possible. He thoroughly enjoyed having me sing to him and requested it often. I obliged each time. Not only did I want to make him happy, but I also know that is a matter of time before he realizes that my singing voice is strong in enthusiasm but lacking in range and talent. 

We began the day with his favorite breakfast (Chick-fil-A) on our way to drop Robby off at school. Afterwards I took him to a new indoor playground which was readily enjoyed. He took off running without hesitation and climbed the rock wall without batting an eye. My little three year old is fearless!

When he was done running, climbing, sliding and jumping we headed to lunch at McDonalds. (Did I mention that birthdays don't have to be healthy in our house?) He nibbled on some nuggets and then slid and climbed some more in the play area. When he was a complete sweaty mess, we packed up and drove to Robby's school. 

Lacking any friends of his own, Robby's classmates were more than happy to fill the void on Timmy's birthday.  They graciously accepted Timmy into their classroom and celebrated his birthday with cupcakes and ice cream cups. I doubt there is anything Timmy loves more than spending time with Robby at his school. He lights up entertaining the "big kids" and relishes the attention.

The rest of the day and evening were spent playing at home, watching cartoons and enjoying his favorite dinner. He seemed to be particularly impressed with his train themed cake, although the fact that it was covered with mini Thomas the Train toys was probably the clincher.  By 6:30 he was exhausted and fell asleep on top of Puppy blanket on the living room floor.

I know he won't remember yesterday, but I will never forget how we spent his 3rd birthday.

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