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Friday, May 05, 2017

AHCA Action Alert

In terms of the future of prosthetic care, yesterday the limb loss community was dealt a detrimental blow.

The new version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which passed in the House yesterday by one vote, ended the Essential Health Benefits (EHB) as we know them today. Instead of being mandated in all policies, the decision to define EHBs is left to the states. With states having authority over the mandate, prosthetic care will become dependent as much upon geography as it does financial means.

Last night, after the legislation was passed by the House, I kissed my boys goodbye and drove into
DC. I met Dave, my podcast partner and friend, along with Peter and Ashlie (two highly respected and well-versed advocates in the limb loss community) to discuss the state of prosthetic care and limb loss in this country. Although the passage of the AHCA in its current form was heartbreaking, I felt uplifted being surrounded by such dedicated stewards for the limb loss community.

After driving through DC traffic (in the rain), I finally made it home around 10 pm. It isn't late for most, but considering that my little Hamlet has me up before the sun each morning, I was awake well past my bedtime. As soon as I arrived home I fired up my computer and Dave and I recorded a special edition podcast to break down the legislation and its impact on the limb loss community.

I encourage you to listen to this short podcast, read the show notes and become involved. The fight to maintain EHBs isn't over, and now we must switch our efforts to the Senate. Become involved, because this is everybody's fight.

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