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Monday, May 01, 2017

Springing into Summer

It's only the the first of May, but this past weekend felt like the middle of summer. On Saturday our temperatures soared to the mid-90's. After having the house heat running earlier in the week, the difference was remarkable. Between the bright sun against the blue skies and the hot temperature, we were all feeling a strong summer vibe.

If our pool had been open, I have no doubt that we would have thrown on our swimsuits and spent the day splishing and splashing. Unfortunately our pool won't open until Memorial Day, so we had to devise a hot weather plan. We headed to the store and picked up a new sprinkler toy and a 10 foot inflatable pool. 

Timmy was giddy with anticipation as the pool was being inflated. Despite the water being (bone chilling) cold, he showed no inhibitions about jumping in to play. After standing in the calf high water for about 20 minutes while he splashed around me, I finally garnered the courage to sit down in the pool with him.  Yikes the water was frigid, but I became comfortable after my legs began to numb from the cold. 

Playing with Timmy in our little pool reminded me of the times I spent with Robby doing the same thing. Both were eager for me to join the fun and neither was content for me just to watch from the comfort of my porch swing. For some reason, my kids are only happy when I am partly submerged in freezing water on a hot summer day.  Although it wasn't physically comfortable, being with him outside and playing made my heart happy.
Getting in and out of a small inflatable pool is difficult enough with one leg, but the experience becomes exponentially more difficult when my back and legs seize up from the cold water.  Thankfully the water has warmed up a bit for which my aging body is grateful. This week the hot temperatures are supposed to continue, so I imagine that we will be spending a considerable time playing in our little pool.

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