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Friday, June 09, 2017

Happy Surprise

Yesterday was a milestone in for Hamlet, and in many ways for me. He experienced his first official babysitter. I am delighted to report that he was well behaved, happy and entertaining. I hate to admit that I'm surprised by his good behavior, but he hasn't been earning many gold stars lately for manners or listening.  The sitter even offered to watch him again, which leads me to believe that there was truth in her report.

I wasn't sure how Timmy was going to react to being left with a sitter, but since I had no choice, I was willing to settle for safe instead of happy. If he screamed nonstop, although certainly not ideal, the worst that would happen would he would become tired. I had the sitter arrive early so that they new "friends" could become acquainted. Timmy turned on the charm almost as soon as she walked into the door. 

After a few minutes I decided that it was time to go. I gave him a kiss and thoughtfully explained that I was going bye bye for a little bit and that he was going to stay and play with his new friend. I was anticipating a tearful goodbye. I received a happy and half hazard hand wave as he led his new playmate to his toy room. So much for my little sidekick missing me!

When I came home, Timmy was all smiles and the babysitter was raving about his energetic and happy demeanor. I used to be a babysitter, so I know that many times the glowing praise is not entirely accurate depictions of the day but rather obligatory compliments meant to placate the parents. I am taking the fact that he was giggling and playing when I arrived as confirmation that he enjoyed the experience. 

Scott and I have never really had a reliable babysitter for the kids. Knowing that we can rely upon somebody, other than family, to take care of and to entertain the kids while we are away is both novel and exciting. Maybe, just maybe, we'll plan a date night soon!

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