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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Party Time

After being away from home for nearly a week, it is nice to return to a normal schedule. I'm fairly sure that laundry is piled in just about every available corner of the house, toys are scattered throughout and I am certain it is going to take a week to work my way through the dishes that are collected on the counter. Even though I feel like I returned to a disaster zone, it is nice to be home.  Slowly but surely I will be able to restore order after the "bachelor week" enjoyed by Scott and Robby, and my home will return to our normal, manageable cluttered state.

The housework will have to wait another day because today is dedicated to Robby's birthday party. His cousins have never been able to celebrate his birthday with him because they can't travel during the weekends. This year we decided to throw a mini party midweek so that they could join the fun. Even though school is still in session, Robby's teacher and all of the parents have agreed to a field trip. He is delighted that some classmates will also be able to attend and join the fun.

The party is being hosted at the Taekwondo studio because Robby read that the honoree is able to cut their cake with a sword. It didn't matter what other activities were provided. Once he learned that he could use a sword, the deal was sealed. To be honest I'm not really sure what else the party will entail. I guess we will all be surprised, but as long as there is a sword, we can't go wrong.

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