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Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Bit of a Slip

Well, yesterday's Aunt Peggy adventure was not the rousing success I had anticipated. I was excited when I discovered a kid's themed tour of the Gettysburg Battlefields. I thought for sure that everybody would love learning about the Civil War through a kid's perspective. After all, who wouldn't love learning about the Battlefield in such an interactive fashion?

It turns out that only two out of the four enjoyed the tour. The other two, who are not history buffs, complained of being bored. I got to the point where I asked them to keep their complaints to themselves so that the other tourists did not become as annoyed as me hearing the lamenting. Oh well, even Aunt Peggy can't hit a home run every time. 

Today we have another adventure, not history related, that is sure to please everybody. We are headed to Medieval Times and will be seated in the "King's Royal Court." The kids will be seated ringside for the show, will be able to interact with the jousters before the performance and will be privy to a variety of special perks throughout the afternoon. I'm sure that everybody will thoroughly enjoy today's adventure. If they don't, Aunt Peggy may need to rethink her Week of Fun strategy.

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