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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Aunt Peggy's Week of Fun

For the past few years, I have tried to take one week every summer to devote to having fun with my kids and my niece and nephews. I strive to do a different adventure everyday and while the adventures don't have to be grand, I try to make them interesting and we always have fun. Our special week has become a tradition that we look forward to and we reflect upon our adventures throughout the year. Aunt Peggy's Week of Fun is one of my favorite weeks of the year!

Our adventures have a few ground rules.  First of all, the kids never know what we will be doing or where we will be going.  They know to go to the car when asked, and that begging for hints is fruitless. We never go to the same place twice, and experiences are not repeated.  Each adventure is unique and new. When we are not on an adventure they spend time playing, resting and anticipating the next time I call them all to the car.

I spend a lot of time throughout the year planning the adventures. It is hard finding new experiences and activities for tweens, but it is a challenge I thoroughly enjoy. I keep a running list of interesting destinations, tours and activities that I discover online and hear about through friends. I probably spend as much time planning the adventures as the kids do anticipating them!

Yesterday morning Aunt Peggy's Week of Fun officially kicked off with a big breakfast surprise- a full sheet cake. The kids were delighted when I placed the enormous, sugar laden confection on the kitchen table. After they were thoroughly hyped on the sweet stuff we packed up and headed out on our first adventure.

We visited and toured a coal mine. After taking a steam train ride to tour the old company town, we loaded into the coal cars and were driven deep into the mountain. All of the kids were fascinated by the tour and tickled to be inside a real mine.  I have to admit that I found it interesting as well.  Being allowed to push the fuse, causing an explosion, was definitely the highlight.

The weather didn't cooperate with the second part of my planned adventure, but we decided to improvise. Instead of visiting the small amusement park close to the mine the cousins ended up playing, splashing and dancing in the rain. While everybody else was seeking shelter, we were having a blast in the heavy downpour.

Today the adventures continue. (I won't post any spoilers because the kids are now old enough to start to snoop. It is only a matter of time before one of them checks this blog for clues.) Per my rules, the adventure always has to be a surprise.  Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on today's installment of Aunt Peggy's Week of Fun!

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