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Monday, July 10, 2017

Fun Weekend

Hello from PA!

Friday morning I packed up the boys and we headed to visit my Mom.  Robby was eager to spend time playing with his cousins. They are all close in age and have a lot of fun together. Unfortunately they don't see each other often once school starts, so we try to fit as much playtime as possible into the summer months.  If Robby had his choice, I'm fairly certain he would opt to stay here all summer. 

After playing all afternoon, the cousin crew begged me to take them to the Glow Party on Friday night. For those of you who may not have tweens, Glow Parties are hosted by the local trampoline park. The kids wear neon shirts and jump under black lights while a DJ blasts music. The music is loud and the smell that is created when hundreds of pre-teens jump and sweat in a relatively small area is both unique and strong.  (If you look carefully, you can actually see the hormones radiating from the sweat riddled tween jumpers.)

While it isn't my favorite way to spend the evening, Glow is the activity of choice for the cousins. Despite my druthers, I agreed and took them to the party. They had a blast jumping, playing dodge ball and spending time together.  I assumed my chair in the "observation lounge" and played on my phone for two hours. Thank goodness for free wi-fi!

Last night I took Robby and my nephews to the local observatory to peer through telescopes.  Robby is still enthralled with astronomy and was excited to share the experience with his cousins. My nephews were thrilled with the experience. I even found myself feeling giddy when I saw the rings of Saturn.

After this weekend, I think we can check another two items off our summer bucket list. 

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