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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Naughty Break-Away

Taking a break from playing, Robby pulled me aside in the early afternoon with a heartfelt plea. "Momom, can we please stay a few more days. I really want to keep playing with my cousins. Please can we stay?" I'm so fortunate that I am able to work remotely, making granting my son's request was easy. We called Scott to let him know that we wouldn't be home for a few days, reminded him to not mess up the house, and began to plan some afternoon summer adventures with the cousin crew. 

Yesterday we decided to go to the pool. The big kids took off towards the slide and climbing wall while I played with Timmy in the splash zone. I didn't see the crew much while we were at the pool, but I did hear laughter and squeals of delight that I recognized. Timmy was just as happy splashing, dodging water and jumping into the "big kid pool." He is nonstop movement when he is in a pool and is easily amused with a simple small bucket. After two solid hours of water play, Timmy waved bye bye to the pool and asked me to remove his swim vest. Taking his lead, I packed up our belongings, texted my sister that I was leaving (she was at the pool and was going to take the big kids home when they were done) and we headed for the car. 

Despite playing hard for two hours, Timmy managed to muster one final push of energy. As soon as we exited into the parking lot he dropped my hand and took off sprinting. I threw the pool bag in the car and went after him, calling him back and demanding that he stop running (both to no avail.)

I have trouble catching Timmy under ideal circumstances. Yesterday my mobility was significantly impaired because I was wearing my water leg, which offers little give and walks with the stiffness of a brick. Wearing a brick foot in a wet and slippery suspension system, my ability to run was greatly impaired. He took full advantage of my disadvantage by continuing to run and explore.

It spent ten minutes chasing him around the parking lot and through the facility grounds. I was livid when I finally wrangled him. Instead of his hand I grabbed his ear and led him back to the car. My little sprinter was not amused.  He didn't realize that his fussing only solidified that I had chosen the appropriate means to escort him and increased the probability that I will do it again when necessary.  I was furious and firmly explained that he was bad for running away from me and naughty for not listening. I know he understood what I was saying because he began to frown and cry. We drove back to my Mom's in silence. 

I'm not sure what we are going to do today, but I'm sure that the cousin crew will have fun. Hopefully Timmy will behave and I will again be able to hold his hand when we walk. I really don't like being the mean mom, but I will do it when necessary because he needs to learn boundaries and to be safe.

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