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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Summer Camp Blues

In February I was approached by some instructors at Robby's Tae Kwon Do who wanted to know our summer plans. At the time I had no idea what adventures might transpire, so I aptly responded "not much." Within minutes I was signing him up for a week of summer camp at the dojo. I managed to suppress the strong recommendation that I enroll him for the entire summer to take advantage of the "super early bird" pricing with the rationale that I could add more weeks if he loved the experience.

It turns out that our summer has been considerably busier than I anticipated when I was approached in February. We have been busy traveling, going on adventures and having fun. I have had to reschedule our summer camp week several times, but yesterday Robby ran out of pardons. We woke him up early, packed a big lunch and drove him to his first day of summer camp.

The drive was filled with moans and complaints. He was vocal about his displeasure with going to summer camp, but since I had already paid, we decided that he was going. To be honest, he made the drive so miserable I was looking forward to signing him in and driving away. I was tired of listening to his complaints, and I knew that his sour mood would dissolve as soon as he became busy with the activities. 

When the time came to pick him up all of the morning frustrations were ancient history. I was looking forward to seeing my little camping Koopa and eager to hear about his adventures. I was hoping that he had a fantastic day and would laud me with praise for signing him up for the experience.

I wasn't met with the over-the-top reception I had envisioned, but Robby admitted that "it didn't totally suck." In reality, that is probably the best assessment given the circumstances. Hopefully today will be better and that his hiccups were due to being in a new situation because I paid for the whole week.

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