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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Drop-In Play

Even though my ear was ouchy and I wasn't feeling my best, I could tell that Timmy was in desperate need for an outlet for his boundless energy. Instead of using my somewhat limited energy reserves being a playmate, I decided that it was the perfect occasion to cash in a Groupon I've been saving. (I had been saving the Groupon for an emergency and I figured my being sick and desperate for a break met the self-imposed qualifications.) So after dropping Robby off at school, Timmy and I headed to drop-in preschool.  

Because Timmy isn't officially enrolled in the preschool program, I was required to stay nearby which was actually my preference because I don't like leaving him with strangers. Even though he was in a new situation he melded in with the class quickly. After a few weary minutes he was busy playing, climbing and jumping with his new friends. I was glad that I was expected to stay because I was able to hear his peels of belly laughs and giggles as he chased his new playmates around the "garage." 

Before I knew it Timmy was playing tag, bouncing basketballs and riding a balance bike. He mounted the bike and took off with a confidence that led the teacher to believe that he has one at home. She was even more impressed when she learned that he had never before been on a bike. I guess Santa has something to add to his list because he certainly enjoyed tooling around the room.
He had a fantastic time playing with the young classmates, and I was able to sit back and watch him having fun. This Groupon paid for itself in spades, and we will definitely take advantage of this program in the future. The playmates and stimulation are good for him, and the break is most definitely good for me!

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