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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ruptured ear drum

Earlier this week I wrote that I was feeling better. It seems that I was overly optimistic with my declaration of health. Yesterday my ear pain returned, prompting another visit to the doctor.  My left ear is now clear and healthy, but my right ear drum has ruptured. Ouch! No wonder it hurts so intensely.

I am frustrated by the nagging discomfort, and aggravated that I don't have more energy. I realize that in the grand scheme of things my issues are minor, but that knowledge does little to stop the nearly constant ear pain I've been experiencing. Appreciating that I am not in a more precarious health situation does not negate the way that I am feeling right now, and at this moment I feel sick.

I am on a stronger round of antibiotics coupled with a new type of ear drop. Between the medication and time, soon I will again be on the mend. In the meantime I'm nursing an ear ache while feeling sorry for myself. I figured I am entitled to a mini pity-party, even if I am the only guest invited.  

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