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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Grounded in Maryland

My meticulously planned, quick and efficient trip to New Orleans for the OPAF Board meeting did not go as smoothly as anticipated. In fact, it didn't end up happening at all. I spent the majority of the afternoon in the BWI terminal, happily reading and waiting for the upcoming adventure. After a brief delay we were welcomed on board. I was on my way to NOLA!

It turns out that being buckled into my seat on the tarmac is as close to Louisiana as I was going to get last night. We sat while electricians whirled about on board, intently walking up and down the aisles murmuring into their walkie talkies.

After an hour delay on the plane, the maintenance crew left the plane and we were cleared for take off.  Our plane moved about 15 feet away from the jet way. My excitement to finally be leaving Baltimore was overshadowed by the distinct odor of smoke.  Within minutes we were back at the airport and (frantically) deplaning. 

Our flight was eventually cancelled. Because the next flight wasn't due to take off until after my meeting started, I opted for a refund and called the trip a wash. I headed to the airport for the night to rest and to retrieve the car. I'm bummed out but certainly relieved the smoke manifested during the taxi process instead of in flight!

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