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Monday, March 05, 2018

Windstorm Recap

The windstorm on Friday was wicked strong. We made it through unscathed (with the exception of a large tree in the woods) but my goodness, it was scary. I don't think I've ever seen the trees sway so violently for such an extended period of time. Branches bombarded our roof and littered our yard throughout the morning and afternoon. Several times I was ready to pack up and head to a hotel, but the fear of driving in those conditions kept me home.

Being home alone with the boys certainly added to my anxiety.  As flights were cancelled and the winds persisted, I began to lose hope that Scott would return as scheduled. Somehow his flight was one of a handful that was given the okay to fly, and he took a bumpy ride home from Ohio. He admitted that the turbulence wasn't anything he wanted to experience again, but having him home helped to quell some of my storm anxiety.  

Saturday the winds persisted, keeping us inside for much of the day. By Sunday everything had calmed and we were able to play outside. Timmy and I spent a few hours picking up sticks while Robby and his friend rode their bikes through the neighborhood to survey the damage. After a few hours, Timmy and I had gathered two small mountains of downed limbs and sticks, and we only covered about 1/5 of our yard. I'm pretty sure that we have enough wood for our fire pit for several years.  

Today my little helper and I will continue to pick up sticks and branches. Thankfully he is at the helping age where he enjoys pitching in and doing chores. I know that it won't last long, but I do plan on taking full advantage of the stage!

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