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Monday, April 16, 2018

Florida Adventure

My phone was dinging all weekend long, but I didn't mind. I wasn't receiving work messages or new additions to my schedule. Instead, I was being inundated photos, messages and videos from Robby and Scott.  The pair had a wonderful father/son Florida Adventure. They kept in close contact with me throughout the weekend, allowing me to live vicariously through their activities.

While I was helping my mom tidy up around the house and chasing Timmy at the park, Robby and Scott were jumping waves in the ocean. Robby is drawn to the ocean and spent the majority of the day swimming, exploring the little animals in the water and playing in the sand. The water wasn't quite warm enough for Scott to become fully emerged, but he enjoyed wading and lounging on a chair while watching Robby play.  By mid afternoon they migrated to the pool before heading to meet with the Sea Turtle Internship hosts.

I'm so glad that I arranged for Robby to visit the Internship location. He learned a lot about the program and the meeting definitely put his mind at ease. He is excited about the summer and can't wait to start saving the baby turtles!  He is still actively fundraising, and donations can be made through this link.  (Please reference Robby in the comments so he receives credit.)

Saturday the pair spent the morning at the beach before heading to the Night Ranger concert in the evening while my sister and I took Timmy to the Y to play in the little toddler water park. With his brother and Daddy having fun swimming, it seemed appropriate to take him to a pool as well. The water was murky and suspiciously warm, but he had a blast splashing and kicking. He is definitely my little water bug. (He is delighted to be returning to pool school today.)

The plane was delayed yesterday, but my beach pair finally arrived home by early evening.  They were pink from the sun and tired, but I could tell that they had a great time.  Another great adventure is in the books. 

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