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Friday, April 13, 2018


For Scott's birthday last month, I managed to come up with a present to top all other gifts. After much thought and even more research, I arranged for a special trip for both Scott and Robby to enjoy a few days in Florida. To top off their special weekend, the pair will attend the Night Ranger concert. 

The pair have been planning for their special weekend since they received the tickets. Finally, after weeks of waiting and planning, the weekend has finally arrived.  Yesterday Robby and Scott embarked on their much anticipated adventure.

Today they will play in the ocean and visit the Sea Turtle program which is hosting Robby's internship this summer. Tomorrow they will probably spend more time on the beach before heading to the Night Ranger concert. (Kudos to me for scoring awesome seats for the show.) Sunday morning they pack up and return home.  The trip is quick, but I'm sure that they will make lasting memories. 

After packing up and seeing the Florida bound travelers off on their adventure, Timmy and I headed up to visit with my Mom. I'm looking forward to a few days of hanging out with her and playing with Timmy. I know that she loves spending time with my little guy, and hopefully he will lift her spirits which have been dampened since she broke her hand.  Our adventures this weekend won't be nearly as grand as Robby and Scott's, but I'm sure we'll still have fun.

On a separate note, the classroom observation was incredible. The school has exceeded my expectations, and I am excited about the coming school year.  If I were to design a middle school program to suit Robby, it would be exactly what I observed yesterday.  Thank you for the support during my pre-observation panic!

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