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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Pool School

Yesterday was a milestone for my little Hamlet when he had his first experience as a student. In anticipation for the summer I signed him up for swimming lessons. He loves the water, almost too much because he demonstrates no fear around the pool. He is adventurous and loves to splish and splash, but can only remain upright when wearing his life vest. 

We decided that it was time for him to learn how to swim independently and yesterday he participated in his first swimming class. To say that he was excited to attend "pool school" would be an understatement. He danced around the living room all morning chanting "pool school" until it was time to go. Waiting for class to start he was all smiles, eager to hop into the pool and participate.

I was apprehensive about his behavior because, although I adore my little guy, he isn't always the best at following directives. However he proved me wrong and was a stellar student. He even received a badge for listening and following instructions!  (My little guy doesn't know it yet, but he tipped his hand. I witnessed that he is capable of behaving and following directions, so I expect this trend to continue into other more relaxed settings.)

Unlike Robby, who was terrified of participating in his first swim lesson, Timmy took to the experience with his natural enthusiasm. He showed no fear about separating from me and participated like a seasoned pro. I was such a proud Mom watching him.  

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