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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


My weekend trip to Texas is looking iffy at best.  With Hurricane Florence stirring in the Atlantic, Virginia is anticipating heavy rain and high winds at the end of the week. I am not terribly keen on flying through hurricane force winds, nor am I comfortable leaving the family during a potentially stressful time. Hopefully the storm will diminish over the next few days. (I realize that is not the prediction, but a girl can hope.)

The next few days we are in full storm prep mode. Scott is picking up some extra tarps on his way home from work to fortify our leaky roof. I'll be working downstairs and outside, making sure that water can flow away from the house freely. There is nothing we can do about water seeping up through the cement slap in the computer room, but we can make the area as accessible as possible should clean up be required.  

Assuming that the airline offers flight waivers and the winds are still forecast to be high, I will be packing up the boys and driving to my Mom's for the weekend. If at all possible, Scott and I want to get the boys out of the danger zone. We stayed home through Hurricane Floyd a few years ago and it was one of the most angst ridden nights of my life. Scott plans to stay to stay in the basement should anything need immediately tended to after the storm passes.  

I have so many friends in the path of this storm that I can't help but worry. I know that the internet is full of prepping tips and lists, but I feel compelled to offer another to the mix. Last year Dave and I recorded an Emergency Preparation podcast, focused on prepping for a disaster when you utilize a prosthesis.  Check it out, and please stay safe.  

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