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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Booty Dance

Hamlet has invited a new game. While he delights in his new activity, but I assure you that he is the only person who finds it fun. I wish he would adopt tag or even hide and seek. Not my kid. He prefers to drop his pants and shake his booty.

The "game" started by accident.  He loves shaking his booty and dancing, and one time he started dancing while we were trying to change his clothes. Scott and I made the mistake of laughing, and since that moment it has been game on for my Hamlet.

He has dropped his pants to dance in the middle of Olive Garden, standing in line at the grocery store and yesterday he did it in the Chick-Fil-A playground. The shock on my face, coupled with my sharp verbal reaction, turned the heads of every diner in the restaurant. If they hadn't already seen my little guy gleefully waddling and dancing around the playground wearing a pull-up with his pants around his ankles, they certainly were looking after I reacted!

I am used to people looking at me, and I am quite familiar with the judgemental glances when my children misbehave in public. The scorn that comes from your child dropping his pants to dance takes humiliation to a new level. 

The look on Timmy's face when he drops his pants and dances in public is one of pure delight. He is certainly having the time of his life, and I truly believe that he is entertaining people during rather mundane moments. Unfortunately for him, he is wrong. The stop, drop and shake booty needs to come to an end.

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