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Friday, November 30, 2018

Goodbye Mr. Bill

This is the weekend I have been dreading for months. On Sunday Mr. Bill's moving truck drives away, and he ceases being my neighbor. I have no words to describe our relationship. We are closer than neighbors and have transcended friendship. In the more than a decade that he has been in our lives, he has become family. 

Every time I think about him leaving I become weepy. Robby is also having a hard time with his Mr. Bill moving to Florida. The two buddies have forged a unique and strong relationship. Robby has never known life without Mr. Bill, and I know that his young heart is shattering watching his surrogate grandfather leave.  

I have been trying to temper my emotions in front of Robby. He is already struggling to accept the move and doesn't need to contend with my tears. Instead of dwelling on our loss, I have been focusing on everything that Mr. Bill is gaining through the move. I'm hoping that talking about the benefits his friend will reap will help to soften the blow of his departure.  

Mr. Bill is moving to be closer to his daughter in Florida. I know he misses her and is looking forward to reintegrating into her daily life.  There is no doubt that he will be more comfortable, especially during the winter months. The cold temperatures wreak havoc on his body, forcing him to stay inside for weeks at a time. If I were not emotionally invested, I could easily see that this move is what is best for him. 

Of course the "not emotionally invested" boat sailed a long time ago. Mr. Bill has fully integrated into our lives, our daily routines, and our hearts. To say that we are going to miss him is an understatement!

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