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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Prosthetic Failures Stink!

We spent yesterday morning undecorating our tree and house. Although Timmy was initially devastated with the removal of our beautiful Christmas tree, we were able to soothe his emotions by explaining that the tree was being rehomed into our woods. The bunnies and squirrels will thoroughly enjoy their new hiding spot, and now he has more room to roam and play in the living room.  Eventually, he accepted our reasoning and began to help gather up the decorations throughout the house. 

After everything was boxed and ready to be stowed, Scott and I began making the multiple trips to the basement. During my second trip down the stairs, while carrying a large box of lights, I heard a loud pop from my socket. I immediately knew that something was wrong and tried to slow my momentum. 

As soon as my prosthetic side landed onto the next step I knew that I had lost complete control over my socket. The back popped open, providing me no support for control. I ended up tumbling down the remaining three steps, landing on the box of Christmas lights I had so carefully packed up. (Thank goodness I wasn't carrying the box of glass ornaments!)

I was shaken but unharmed by the fall. The tension cord on my socket had completely snapped in half, releasing the back of my socket and causing my suspension to fail. Thankfully Scott was home and was able to locate my other socket quickly. He and Robby calmly worked on attaching the foot while I sat, panicked and scared by the event.  

Nothing makes me feel as physically vulnerable as a prosthetic failure. Knowing that the device can fail at any time is a terrifying reality I prefer to ignore. If I focused on the "what ifs" I don't think I would ever feel comfortable walking! 

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