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Friday, January 04, 2019

Potty Trouble

With a new calendar comes new goals. Actually, the new year has nothing to do with my new dedication to potty training. When I turned the calendar to January I realized that I have no places that we have to be for the next six days. Knowing that we could stay home and dedicate time and energy to mastering the potty (and the ensuring laundry) has spurred me to tackle potty training this week. 

Yesterday morning we ditched the pull-ups and introduced big boy underwear. I was initially optimistic because he stayed dry for a few hours and peed in the potty like a seasoned pro. As the day wore on my enthusiasm waned and the mountain of laundry grew. He seems to have absolutely no bladder control and unleashes urine on a whim. 

As I was following my little urinator around the house, mopping up accidents and changing underwear constantly, I couldn't help but feel discouraged. I really stink at potty training kids. (On another note, I would not want to take a black light to my living room right now!) 

Timmy seems to be unphased by his accidents, and would happily run around the house dripping wet. I don't really know how to toilet train a kid who doesn't care. I know that consistency is key, so we are not giving up. Last night we caught up on the laundry and we have a new stack of big boy underwear and sweatpants for the day.   Wish us luck!

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