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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Ferris Wheel

Although it continued to twinge throughout the day, my back pain waned as the ibuprofen began to take effect. It's a good thing that I could walk and move without constant pain because Timmy was full of energy and mischief. I think he is becoming weary being holed up inside due to the weather. With the rain over the past few days, he has been unable to run and play outside. Timmy with excess energy always equals mischief and mayhem. 

In an attempt to break up the monotony, we started to work on a new building kit. Building wooden toys through crafting kits has become one of Timmy's favorite activities. He has a box overflowing with wooden planes, trucks, trains and boxes that he has assembled using the tools from his very own tool bag.  

I knew that he would love putting together the ferris wheel, but as soon as I opened the box I regretted suggesting the activity. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of tiny wooden pieces and the verbose directions. Undeterred by both the number of pieces and the length of the direction sheet, Timmy trudged forward. 

After I showed Timmy how to assemble one piece, he set out to assemble the remaining eleven. We continued with this pattern for several hours, slowly working our way through the wheel. I was impressed by his attentiveness and determination to complete the wheel. 

When we began I was certain that it was going to take at least a week to assemble the toy. By the time I needed to start making dinner, we had a fully assembled, motorized ferris wheel in the middle of our kitchen table.  Timmy was absolutely delighted with his creation.  

Who knows, maybe I have a future engineer or architect in my midst!

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