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Thursday, October 15, 2020


As I hoped, my niece and nephew had a successful first day at their new schools.  All three became lost, disoriented and confused. But all three managed to get through the day, arrived back home with smiles on their faces and stories of new friends. I know that going to a new school is difficult. I am so proud of all of them!

Today is a return to virtual learning for everybody. The cousins return to the physical classroom next Monday. They are scheduled for in-person learning every Monday and Wednesday, or until the pandemic risk changes. Timmy and Robby will continue virtual learning for the entire year, although I'm optimistic that I will be able to enroll Timmy for in-person activities this Spring. Time will tell.

Timmy and I are (slowly) finding our groove with virtual learning. He no longer cries or complains when it is time for class. He is starting to thoroughly enjoy Circle Time, although the hour still fills me with angst as I am never quite sure what will pop out of his mouth.

Earlier this week he was learning about the sh blend. His teacher asked every student to come up with a word with the sh sound, and then use the word in a sentence. Timmy, very proud of himself, immediately leaned over to me and said, "shoe starts with the sh sound." 

Unfortunately, either another classmate had the same idea or overheard him. She was called on before Timmy, and used the word shoe. I saw the wash of disappointment and the wheels immediately started turning as he tried to think of a new word. True to our luck, his teacher called on him next.

Without much thought, Timmy said, "Shithead starts with sh. Sometimes my brober calls me a little shithead." I had to walk to the kitchen to keep from laughing. 

Virtual schooling is hectic, frustrating and exhausting. But it also has moments where all I can do is smile and move on.

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