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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Covid Fatigue

Our Covid numbers are increasing, and so is my anxiety. I have been living an infection cautious lifestyle since January. We haven't been out to eat, been shopping for fun or visited any public events since the infancy of the pandemic. I, along with just about everybody else, find myself fatigued by the entire situation.

As soon as I start to feel infection fatigue, I remember those who have lost somebody. I'm sure that they would give anything to pick up the phone and complain about about their mask with their deceased loved one. My resolve to keep my family healthy remains stronger than my desire to engage in activities that increase our risk. 

I remain optimistic that we will be able to travel to my Mom's for Thanksgiving. In many ways, the decision is out of my hands. If either state declares a "stay at home" or "safer at home" order, our Thanksgiving traditions will also become casualty to the pandemic. Fingers crossed it will not get to that situation, but I think my heart is preparing.

I try to remind myself that the kids follow my lead. If I create activities that are fun (and safe) and don't lament the changes to our traditions, they will not feel the loss or stress that comes from pandemic required adjustments. Different does not mean worse has become my pandemic mantra.

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