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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

100 Miles in 100 Days...

During the past few months I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with my next great adventure. Last year I ran a 5k. I remain proud that with hard work and practice, I accomplished my goal. During the process I also realized how much I detest running. I've proven to myself that I can run a 5k and, to be perfectly honest, I have no desire to put myself through that purgatory again.

I have recently been contacted by an ambassador of the Prosthetic Outreach Foundation about joining them on a new endeavor. After thoroughly researching the organization to make sure that it is both legitimate and something that I feel comfortable lending my name to, I am excited about linking with them on this project.

The Prosthetic Outreach Foundation (POF) is based in Seattle, Washington, but has a global reach. It provides prosthetic devices and training to amputees around the globe whose finances keep them from accessing prosthetic care. The durable and low cost prosthetics provided through POF allow amputees to regain their mobility and contribute to the care of their families and community. Without the prosthetics provided through POF, many of these amputees are destined for a life of hardship and poverty simply because of their limb loss.

Prosthetics technology has grown leaps and bounds during the past decade. The introduction of bionic devices has revolutionized the field. I know that my computerized Proprio foot has changed my life! Prosthetics are becoming more intuitive, comfortable and realistic. It is truly an amazing time to be an amputee- but only if you have financial access to this level of technology.

I am fortunate enough to receive excellent prosthetic care and to utilize a high-end bionic device (Proprio ankle). Almost daily I find myself remarking to somebody about how much my Proprio has improved the quality of my life. When it comes to prosthetic care, I hit the lottery!

I feel compelled to pay it forward and to try to help amputees who are not as lucky. I want to make a real impact by providing prosthetic devices to those without access. I have decided to join Prosthetic Outreach Foundation by walking 100 miles in 100 days.

With each mile I will be reflecting upon the amputees who are not receiving any prosthetic care. I know how happy I was when I received my first prosthetic foot. It felt like I waited forever, but in reality it was only five months after my amputation. Many amputees wait for years, and even decades before they receive their first prosthetic- assuming that they are lucky enough to receive a prosthetic at all!

I will be raising funds through this walk to provide prosthetics for these amputees whom I will never meet. Knowing that my efforts might provide a prosthetic (or perhaps more) for a fellow amputee is humbling. I can't think of a better way to honor my journey so far and to show my gratitude for the prosthetics that I use!

I don't want to do this walk alone. I realize that my readers are spread around the world, but we can unite behind this walk. I encourage you to start your own fundraising page, tell your friends and start your own 100 mile walk. Together, we can start a movement.

I've always been an optimist. I, the AmputeeMommy, want to change the world for struggling amputees. Please consider joining me. Start your page, tell your friends and let's start walking! Together we can make a huge impact.

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