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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Recap

As anticipated, yesterday morning I woke up to the sounds of clanging pots coming from the kitchen.  Robby and Scott were hard at work making my Mother's Day breakfast of bacon and eggs. I laid in bed and just smiled as I heard Robby directing his Daddy around the kitchen. The hours we have spent cooking and baking together have definitely paid off!

Robby came into the bedroom and woke me up with a kiss and a cup of coffee. He then told me to go back to sleep because the surprise was still frying. I agreed, put the coffee down, and pretended to go back to sleep. I felt so content and happy simply staying in bed and eavesdropping on the cooking commotion coming from the kitchen.

I could tell that both Scott and Robby were proud of the breakfast that they had prepared. Sitting next to my plate was a small gift bag holding a "Mom" bead for my Pandora bracelet. I could not have been more delighted.  Robby snuggled next to me in bed and "helped" me eat. Apparently my boy likes bacon--a lot!

Unfortunately, that is where my Mother's Day bliss ended. Within the next few hours Robby became extremely ill. It started with his complaining about a sore throat but quickly became more involved. At one point he went into a coughing fit in the living room. He cried out for me to help, and when I reached him the coughing had subsided but he had tears streaming down his little pink cheeks. He said that his throat hurt a lot and that it didn't feel good to breath. I scooped him up, Scott grabbed the keys, and we headed out the door to Urgent Care.

My little guy is a trooper and, despite feeling awful, complied with all of the directions and requests from the doctor and nurses. He underwent three throat swabs and allowed numerous people to listen to his chest. I knew when the second physician was called into the room to examine Robby that we were probably not dealing with a simple strep infection.

It turns out that Robby has a lung infection (pneumonia). This is the third time he's had this issue in the past year. He became ill so quickly, it's hard to fathom how he progressed from being happy and munching on bacon to so sick in a few hours. As a mom, it was a terrifying experience.

After receiving the diagnosis, being armed with a Roladex of phone numbers of specialists to contact, and frantically driving to the pharmacy to fill the prescription before they closed, we were all exhausted. Robby spent the evening lying on the couch with his Daddy. I tried to provide comfort and lots of love because that was really all I could do. I feel so inept and helpless when he is sick!

We had planned on grilling steaks for Mother's Day dinner. Instead Robby ate a Popcicle (after a lot of begging and encouragement), Scott ate left over Buffalo wings, and I had cake. It wasn't exactly the nice meal we had planned, but at that point none of us cared.

Right now the best gift I could receive would be Robby waking up feeling better. I know that his cough will linger for awhile, but I hate seeing him hurt and sick. I'll keep you all posted on his progress.

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  1. Poor thing has been so sick this year! Best of Luck getting to the bottom of things. Cake for dinner? One of my fav's.