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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pool Side

Since Robby started summer vacation, my days have been exceptionally busy. I have shifted my hours, forcing myself to get up at 5 to conquer the never ending mountain of paperwork thus freeing up my afternoon for the pool. Between working early (and long) hours and spending every afternoon splashing in the sun, I have fallen into bed each night exhausted. Needless to say, I have a happy, and tanned, Koopa boy!

We have been swimming everyday (that we have been home) since I bought the pool memberships back in June. I am always skeptical when investing in a season pass because, with the exception of the Animal Park, I rarely recoup the investment. Last summer I bought a family membership to the Baltimore Aquarium, certain that we would make the 90 minute drive on a quasi-regular basis.  We've only been once, and each time I see the membership cards in my wallet I kick myself.  Scooter has been keeping track, and on Monday we visited the pool enough to pay for the pool passes for the season. For some reason going to the pool now seems more enticing since each visit is "free" and we are, according to Robby and Scooter, "Sticking it to the man."

Robby's swimming skills have improved more by his just having fun than they did when we were paying obscene amounts of money for swim lessons. Although I'm always with him (I have an affinity for the water as well), I am finally at a point where I feel safe for him to be by himself. He is thoroughly enjoying his new found pool freedom, happily paddling to the other side of the pool and going on underwater exploration with his new goggles.  On a side note, we are actively discouraging him from "rescuing" the band-aids that he spies on the pool floor!

Other than the fatigue, the only downside to our new summer schedule lies in our grocery bill. Robby comes home from the pool famished. Something about the water causes his stomach to morph into a never ending pit, and it is becoming expensive to keep him satiated!

Although I detest mornings, it is becoming easier to wake up with the sun. Other than drinking copious amounts of coffee to jump start my day, I am adjusting to the summer schedule. I am sure that I will be running on fumes by the end of the summer, but maybe that isn't a bad thing. Maybe I'll be so exhausted on Robby's first day of school that instead of spending the morning crying, I come home and fall asleep!

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