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Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation Bound!

Seemingly every Sunday morning for the past year, Robby's routine has been unchanged. Coming to the kitchen to retrieve a fresh cup of milk and an Eggo Waffle, he always ends up climbing into bed next to Scott. The pair prop themselves on pillows, pull up the covers and turn on the Travel Channel to watch an hour long infomercial featuring the Atlantis Resort.

I don't know when or how this Sunday morning tradition began, but it was certainly not intentional. I'm suspect that the infomercial was discovered while flipping through the channels to find a cartoon. I have come to enjoy the quiet hour while the two are oohing and ahhing over the pools, slides, food and marine activities of the resort. (He is especially interested in feeding the sea koopas.) The show always ends with Robby asking the same question, "Can we go to Atlantis someday?"  Our answer, someday we'll go, has been the accepted and anticipated response.

A few weeks ago we threw Robby for loop. When he asked if we could go to Atlantis, Scott and I smiled at each other and responded in unison. Sure! Let's go to Atlantis on July 15th. Robby was so flabbergasted he couldn't speak!  Spending time at an aquarium themed water resort is about as perfect vacation destination as it can get for our family!

Scott and I have been planning for this vacation for over a year.  Judging by Robby's year-long interest in the infomercial, we are going to have a great time. Every night he has been curling up on my lap and reviewing the resort's website, diligently planning his days. He has been making charts and lists of activities that he wants to do, slides that he wants to try, and pools that he wants to play since we told him that we are going. He has practiced holding his breath underwater and gently petting any hard surface in preparation for his turtle encounter. To say that he is excited does not do his mood justice.

This next week is sure to be amazing. Robby is at the perfect age to enjoy the activities and the scenery, and as an added bonus he still wants to spend time with us! I will write the blog from Atlantis, so stay tuned for pictures and updates!  Until then, I have a lot of packing to do. Who would have thought that three people would need so much stuff!

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