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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Getting Away

The boys have been on summer vacation for a little over two weeks.  It has been nice having them home, but I have to admit that so far the vacation hasn't been as stress free as I had anticipated.  Between traveling, both boys being sick, and a myriad of other factors, the only ones who have been soaking up the Summer of Awesome II are the boys. Scott and I have been feeling the brunt of parental and adult pressures, and it is beginning to wear us down. We are both stressed, tired and snapping at each other. Needless to say, I think we need a vacation from our summer vacation!

Today I'm packing up the boys and heading to visit my Mom for a few days. This mini-vacation offers the respite that we both need while allowing me some much needed time hanging out with my Mom.  I know that Robby is thoroughly looking forward to playing with his cousins. He has been busy making plans since I told him that we were going to visit, which apparently includes my getting into a giant inflatable ball with him and being pushed down the side of a large hill. (I retained final veto depending upon the size of both the hill and the ball.)

I've missed visiting my Mom, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to just hanging out and talking. She always makes me laugh, and my anxieties seem to melt away whenever I visit.  No matter how old I get, I always benefit from going home.  (Besides, Hamlet is in an "I don't need to sleep" mode and I could really use a nap.)

Scott will be staying at home, enjoying a quiet house and hopefully taking the opportunity to tackle some of our looming projects.  (We have been trying to clean up from the lightning strike a few weeks ago and, if the weather cooperates, I'm hoping that the only remnants when I return home are the damaged trees.) More than anything that could be accomplished around the house, I hope that he is able to decompress and relax.  After all, he is supposed to be on vacation!

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