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Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Tree Farm

Well, our week of Thanksgiving family fun has drawn to a close. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with my Mom, and I know that Robby loved playing with all of his cousins. Unfortunately all good things must end, and Saturday we packed up and headed home. I always feel a little blue when Thanksgiving week ends, but I know that I'll be back in our routine and in the festive mood in a day or two.

Yesterday, in an attempt to infuse our home with holiday spirit, we headed out in search of our Christmas tree.  Before we left I proclaimed that we were going to select and cut down the perfect tree, and that we weren't going to stop looking until we found one high enough to touch our 12 foot ceiling in the living room. My priorities quickly shifted from height to fullness when I learned that the Christmas tree farm priced the trees at $10 a foot, meaning that my original target would have cost at least $120. We collectively embraced the notion that a short and wide tree would be just as festive as one which is grand and tall.

We we scoured the farm for our newly defined perfect tree, short and fat. We finally stumbled upon our selection after walking and comparing evergreen trees for almost an hour. Scott was quick to point out that the tree Robby and I finally chose was the first one he pointed out, directly next to the path where we started our quest. Always a good sport, his frustrations with my indecision waned quickly as he and Robby set out to cut down our stocky, plus sized tree. 

After setting up the tree and stringing the lights, it is hard to tell who is enthralled more: Timmy or the cats. Both spent an excessive amount of time lying underneath the boughs, staring at the colorful lights. Both batted at the branches and seemed amused by reflection of the lights in the window. Both cats already tried to climb the tree, and I suspect that Timmy's climbing ambition was cut short by his bedtime.

It has become quite clear that we are going to need to gate off our tree again this year.  Between the cats and our toddler, our stocky evergreen doesn't stand a chance. At this point I'm wishing that we hadn't chosen one quite so wide because I'm not sure we have enough gates to create a complete barrier. If we don't, our husky little tree won't stand a chance of witnessing Santa's arrival. 

**Speaking of Santa, if you are shopping on Amazon this holiday season, please consider using the link on the side of this blog.  Your shopping experience will be the same, but this blog will earn a small commission for each sale. All monies are used to further advocacy and outreach efforts.

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